Healthcare Devices and Pharmaceutical Products

Healthcare Devices and Pharmaceutical Products (OTC)

Nature by Nature Trade Ltd is an exclusive distributor for Biosynex, French market leader in developing and manufacturing medical devices such as for rapid diagnostic test (RDT) etc, for screening, diagnosis and prevention. Which facilitate the care of patients, and the general public so that everyone can monitor their health.

Nature By Nature Trade Ltd brokerage activities are also serving the healthcare community by providing speedy solutions to our customers' pharmaceutical & medical supply needs in Africa which is our main market area. Our supply network encompasses all of Europe, Asia and beyond.

Our clients worldwide rely on us to provide them with medicinal and healthcare products which are extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible to source in their own countries. We at NBNT only work with manufacturers, who are regulated under MHRA / WHO / GMP with certificates and licenses to ensure high quality products.

We have a strong relationship network with our international customers. Varying in size from all the major pharmaceutical & healthcare businesses, covering all areas: pharmaceutical and medical devices organization, major wholesalers, retailers, import/export companies, large global distributors, NGOs to national/private hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, chemist shops, etc.

NBNT help pharmaceutical & healthcare businesses to trade pharmaceuticals safely & efficiently but also to build transparency & trust inherent in the process in dealings.

In this sector, our products portfolio includes pharmaceuticals, generics, OTCs, medical devices (including equipment), para pharmaceuticals, baby food and cosmetics.

We export pharmaceutical products worldwide and offer our customers:


Areas of Service Coverage:

  • Private Market Supply
  • Ethical / Branded Medical Supplies
  • Hospital Products
  • Psychotropic medication
  • Generics Medicine Supplies
  • Homeopathy
  • Over-The-Counter Products
  • Cosmetics and Perfumery
  • Medical Devices
  • Equipment and Medical consumables
  • Laboratory and Dental Equipment
  • Orthopedic Equipment


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