We are actively providing seafood products to worldwide clients mostly within Africa and we deal with many international companies importing from us to various sources throughout the world. Nature By Nature Trade and allied producers and suppliers are very experienced and well trained in all aspects of seafood.

Our seafood products are of superior quality and a good value for money. For the European Union and worldwide market, we have various natural habitats we source from with full EU Accreditation, operate under the guidance of the HACCP system. Some are very unique in composition and all are trusted and accepted by the market. Our goal is to provide our worldwide customers also with premium quality seafoods at the most competitive prices.



  • Octopus
  • Squid
  • Cuttlefish


  • Rock Lobster
  • Slipper Lobster
  • Vietnam Lobster
  • Lobster Tail
  • Boston Lobster
  • West Coast Lobsters
  • European Oysters
  • Pacific Oysters
  • Soft Shell Crab
  • Blue Crab
  • Live Mud Crab
  • Live Alaskan Crab
  • Live Dungeness Crab
  • Crab Meat
  • Black Tiger Shrimp
  • Vanamei Shrimp
  • Scampi


  • Atlantic salmon
  • Steelhead trout
  • Tilapia
  • Pangasius (Basa fish)
  • Gilthead sea bream
  • Sea bass
  • Black tiger shrimp
  • Vannammei shrimp
  • Pink salmon
  • Chum salmon
  • Peruvian hake
  • Oilfish (Escolar)
  • Atlantic mackerel
  • Atlantic herring
  • Capelin
  • Blue whiting
  • Redfish
  • Sardine
  • Sardinella
  • Horse mackerel
  • Argentinian hake
  • Coldwater shrimp
  • Baltic Cod
  • Baltic herring
  • Baltic sprats
  • Bream
  • Roach
  • Asp
  • Pike-Perch

Seafood Byproducts

  • Salmon Heads
  • Salmon Bellies
  • & much more

Dried Fish / Stockfish

Another speciality of Nature By Nature Trade is dried fish, also called Stockfish. We export dry and salted fish made from Cod, Haddock, Saithe, Ling and Tusk. Our sources have special team with 35 years rich experience in the production and sales of this product. Our major export consignments are Cod heads, body, fillets and trimmings of dried cod.

Stockfish is produced from fresh fish dried in the fresh air along the coast of North Norway and Iceland during the Winter when the temperature is cold and the air is fresh and clean. The drying process is natural and economical.

After a 3 month drying period, the fish is matured, and about 80% of the water has evaporated. Stockfish maintains all the nutritional goodness (80% protein) during the drying process, 1 kilo of stockfish being equivalent to 5 kilos of fresh fish.

It is especially economical to transport and store, not requiring refrigeration, but only a dry warehouse. On soaking, the stockfish regains its fresh fish qualities. Stockfish can be supplied in bales or cartons of standard weight according to customer specifications.

Stockfish is a traditional food sold in many markets in;

Europe – especially Italy and Croatia, USA, Africa, Australia and Canada. Italy alone has over 500 recipes using stockfish.

West Africa – Nigeria, Togo, Benin & Cote D’Ivoire, where we have built up a strong and healthy relationship with the African wholesale market.


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